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for your Brand, loves functional, purposeful design - Solution seeking design strategist

Tami Roos is Functionline Visual Media - design solutions powered by creative thought.

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A little bit about me:

I create both print and screen/web based solutions. My particular expertise is providing functional end results and ensuring brand consistency across a variety of mediums.

I have a background in print and promotions which I easily translate into the digital realm of conversions. My aim is to make the life of your users easier while keeping your business goals in focus.

I'm easy to work with and can take a project from inception to final launch and anywhere in -between. I'm also part of a virtual team, with the majority of the team members based in California. My work and communication skills have a global appeal due to my flexible mindset.

Recent client work includes: Smollan, Absa/Barclays, Intel, Sanlam, Eskom, Standard Bank, Zee world and Zee Magic.

Virtual collaborative work is where I excel.

Specialties: Digital Design, Web (front end) and Graphic Design.

Connect with me.

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You could als take a peek at a mini portfolio of my work here.

Or connect with me here - you'll find me on the web as Tamixes

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